Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sometimes,..I really crack myself up.

Like most Bloggers,..I initially started my blog because I figured it would be a great way to pick up babes.
Once it became evident that babes in cyberspace have standards,just like they do in real life,I decided to shift the focus of my efforts toward a more noble endeavor.
..Winning Valuable Prizes!.

Most recently,..and to my delight,..Craggy Island's most celebrated Blogger,Shrinky,posed a 'Caption these Photos' challenge on her wonderful blog, 'Shrink Wrapped Scream'

Well,..I chose to try my hand at putting a few words in the mouth of Shrinky's handsome hound 'Jake',..and I WON!!

'Wow, the shoreline drops off pretty quick..Wait right there Shrinky,..I'll go get help'.

I could not be more pleased,because the Grand Prize is a copy of Darlene Duncan's beautifully illustrated,and delightfully versed children's book,'Keen Colory Critters'!..

Thanks so much Shrinky for the fun contest,..and tip o' the lid to Chewy on the charming book!
No doubt,the little Slinglets are gonna love it!

Dont'cha know it's Tuesday,..and life is good in Sling's Domain..

Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Memory Dump..

Look what followed Mom-O home!
He's all fluffy,and ornery,and made of cake...
We don't actually name the cats.
Fat-Cat,and Bailey are just names I use to distinguish them on my blog.
I shall be calling this little fellow 'Rasputin',..after my favorite Aunt on my mother's side..

More of the happy fact that O-Town is a cornucopea of low-hanging fruit.
These Qeene Anne Cherries yielded enough to fill two ample baskets for the residents of Winston Gardens,as well as a generous issue for my co-workers,and myself.

This is Sam,the gay Parrot..
The whole time I was pruning the owner's Ornamental Plum tree,he kept telling me, 'You're Pretty!'
...I figured the least I could do was showcase him on Scribbles.

The O-Town Air National Guard (OTANG),..on the job!

..Missed it by that much.
You can't tell from the photo,but he's carrying a small child in his beak.

Fungus ain't no joke.
We had to cut this tree down due to it's unfortunate infestation.

'You gonna eat all them Maggots?'..
There was quite the bonanza in our community dumpster.
This scrub Jay was willing to fight over 'em.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bullet Points...

I really haven't abandoned my blog.
There's just been such a buttload of crap transpire of late in the world,that I'm finding myself a little short staffed.

I'd like to hire a co-ed Asian cheerleader assistant,but so far,the only applicants I've had are construction workers,ex-Toyota salesmen in polyester suits,and half a dozen unsavory types that list Bernie Madoff as a personal reference.

In any case,..these things have been on my mind..

  • 'The Oil Spill'..Three words that will henceforth be the standard by which all future incredible examples of corporate hubris,and political malfeasance will be compared...Just like everyone knows that in the lexicon of pharmacopoeia, 'The Pill' signifies the single most important medical advance since Hippocrates first advocated the use of leeches for the treatment of 'ephemeral humours',we now have an unambiguous phrase to define the irretrievable fuckery the human race is capable of inflicting on the environment..
    I'm not exaggerating when I say that I'm having serious physical manifestations of pain every time I think about this unforgivable thing we have done to our planet,and the fact that the ramifications of this catastrophe will surely outlive me
    well into the senior years of my grandchildren.
    ..I picked a fine time to stop smoking crack.

  • Speaking of progeny,..I think about mine every day..Changes in their circumstance,and my recent re-connection with my youngest son occupy my thoughts to the point of distraction on a regular basis..Everyone is fine,mind you,but here I am,and there they are,..and ain't this a bitch that the distance imposed by miles and years conspires to keep them from my embrace.

  • For the sake of easy reference,I will list my observations to the passage of Arizona's immigration law SB1070,.. in alphabetical order;

  • A) WHAT THE FUCK??!!
    B)  Who are these people that are so willing to codify their bigotry,that they will happily strike so many guaranteed protections from the Bill of Rights?
    C)  Boy howdy,and ain't every sleazebag Republican politician racing to jump on the so-called 'illegal immigrant' problem. 'They're taking our jobs!'..They're draining our economy!'..'WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!!".. ..What's this 'WE' shit,..white-man? I swear to God..The first time somebody asks me or my kin to provide proof of citizenship,there's gonna be five of us going to jail...Me,and the four uniformed thugs it takes to drag me there!

  • **On the brighter side**

  • Today is voting day in the Primaries for California,and several other states as well!..
    Dont'cha know that I got up bright and early,shaved my ugly mug,splashed on some Old Spice,and toddled my happy ass on down to the O-Town municipal auditorium and tractor supply store,to cast my vote for sanity in our time.
    Yes..Even I know the difference when it bites me in the ass.