Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I love it when the Artichokes are in bloom!

Two asses..
I'm told  they stand like this so that they can swipe flies from each other's faces with their tails.
I've been trying to get a pic of the LifeFlight chopper for awhile,but usually I can't get my camera ready in time..
This was a fortunate freeze frame shot,..albeit from a little more distance than I would have liked.

This handpainted fellow has a wingspan of about 6 inches!

I like this one..It's peaceful.

You're not paranoid,if they really are watching you.

This is that scraggly Crepe Myrtle we planted last Fall.
Nice to see it 'took'.

I didn't get a single decent photo of the O-Town fourth of July fireworks,but I did get a shakey shot of the traditional red,white,blue,and some shade of tan with this one.

Can you spot the newly hatched little fledge in this pic?

The lady that owns this succulent has had it for 3 years,and this is the first time it has flowered!
It doesn't look real..

It wasn't lightning,or wind that took these limbs down,but hydraulic pressure!
In the excessive heat we've had this summer,water and sap rise so violently that the tree literally explodes.

Gizzy never moves..At least,days will go by and she'll be in the same spot the whole time.
So,I'm guessin' this mouse must have crawled in her mouth,and commited suicide.

..Probably the last time Rasputin drinks any more of my cheap brown liquor..

I've been spending every spare moment since Arizona governor Jan Brewer signed SB1070,working to get the damn thing repealed.
Federal judge Susan Bolton heard arguments against it last week,and could issue a ruling at any time.
It is scheduled to go into effect on Thursday..


Thursday, July 08, 2010


I am sure it will come as no surprise to any God fearing American living in today's world,that America is under attack by a ruthless,and here-to-fore unchecked segment of the population. Ravenous hordes of malevolent intruders upon our shores,whose sole intent is to drain our resources,inflict their foreign lifestyle upon our citizens,maliciously disrupt our way of life,and reject the moral principles our country's founding fathers put in place over 200 years ago.
Yes,..I'm talking about the clear and present danger posed by the demonic group of marauders known as 'teenage girls!'..

Who among us has not been subject to their persistent rebellion against the values we hold so dear?
Not a days goes by that yet another report of Robbery,Assault,or perpetration of random hate crimes  by adolescent females doesn't dominate the news.
And yet,the Federal Government,either by neglect or design,has failed to address these ever increasing incidents of,..umm,..SCOFF-LAW-ERY!

Which is why I'm introducing SB(Sling's Bill)90210,or the 'Shit-teenage-girls-do-that-really-pisses-us-off -law' to the Bloggertown legislature,in a desperate attempt to curtail this onslaught,and restore some measure of stability to our beloved culture.
Under this law,anyone found to be a teenage girl may be detained,deprived of their cell phones,and turned over to the INS for processing,and eventual deportation to boarding school in Switzerland.

Quite naturally,there will be some resistance from bleeding heart Liberals who will claim that enforcement of SB90210 will lead to gender profiling.
Nothing could be further from the truth,because included in the Bill is the strictly worded instruction that,'Enforcement Officers may not use gender as the basis for determining whether or not the subject is a teenage girl,..but may rely only on 'that niggling feeling',..or the persistent manner in which the little bitch kept looking at me,while holding her fingers in the 'L' sign to her forehead'.

Still,and from time to time,it is understood that the occasional mis-identification may occur during massive sweeps of areas known to be frequented by teenage girls..
Such as with Gays,Transsexuals,Cross-Dressers,and Justin Bieber.

While this may result in the temporary distress and inconvenience for some,I think the important thing to remember,is that it will have absolutely no affect on me...