Saturday, August 28, 2010

7 year cycles..

I've written before about how the times of my life tend to play themselves out in 7 year cycles.,and thus,at the age of 56,it's time for another cycle to begin.
This plan was made known to me when I turned 21,so I've come to look forward to these shifts in the continuum with great expectations.
This Sunday,Sling's Domain will be moving it's corporate headquarters a couple of miles up the road into a brand new house!
Quite naturally,I'll be documenting this transition just as soon as I can get hooked up to the Interweaves,which may take a time.
Still,..and between now and then,..know this to be true!
It's Saturday,..and life is good in Sling's Domain!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pop Quiz,..and

NAME THAT PLANT!..One of my favorite tenants at Winston Gardens is a sprightly Elven lass that,aside from a bountiful vegetable garden,maintains a colorful variety of potted plants.
She has no clue what this plant is called,so I told her I would post pics of it here in Bloggertown,because my readers pretty much know everything.

..The leaves are kind of velvety,with these beautiful symmetrically furled edges.
There's a homemade blackberry cobbler in it,..for me.

..More fantastical succulents,from a different tenant's garden.

I think just about everyone is familiar with Sunflowers,and that they tend to have these ginormous 10-12 foot stalks.
They are grown right here in O-Town,and you can find acres of them that have been bred to grow only about 4 foot tall,for commercial purposes.
You can't tell from this perspective,but this is one of them..
I had to kneel down in front of it to take this pic.

I really don't think it's fair that such an inviting entrance should have a private property sign posted out front.
..I think I'll just ignore it.

I'm sure these are the same species of Praying Mantis,though they come in two different colors 'round these parts.
I'm guessin' these are both males,which have more slender abdomens than females.
..I'll attach no anthropomorphic significance to that.


Okay...Rasputin is just an idiot.


Back when I was a real fossil hound,scouring the canyons of Colorado,I would travel for miles with my eye to the ground in search of bits of dinosaur bone,arrowheads,ammonites,and the like.
Once,after hours of being hunched over focusing on whatever was 2 feet in front of me,I sat down on a cliff side to take a break.
Stretching the kinks out of my neck and back,I noticed that the whole face of the cliff was covered with fossilised plant stems and leaves.
It was really quite cool.
I left them in situ,because that's the kind of fossil guy I am.
I did,however,make a mental note to myself that every once in a while,'s important to look up..


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sliding back into Blogging mode,as if the years had never passed..

..the prodigal Sling returns.

We've done great things over at "Against 1070" ,'lo,..these past several months,..and after receiving thousands!(3) of cards and letters,today seems like a good day to switch gears,and get back into some regular minor fabrications,flights of imagination,and outright lies accounts of life..Such as it is.

"What's so special about today?", ask,..with more than just a little impertinence,I must say.

..To which I respond:

********It's Lizzard King's Birthday!********

Yep!...33 years ago on this very date,Mom O' LK acquired him from the Gypsies in trade for a gallon of Mad-Dog 20/20,..and a carton of Pall Malls gave birth to a bouncing baby newt!

Here,in my continuing effort to harass and embarrass him,is an early photo of the future King of Lizzards as a young lad,which I retrieved just hours ago from my giant stainless steel vault..

Who could have known then,that this Sawyeresque young scalawag would grow up to be the handsome rogue he is today,..with a bright and endearing Little Newt of his very own?