Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Checkin' In...

Damm..I haven't posted in like,6 months..

There really hasn't been much in the way of blogger fodder to write about.Oh Hey!...I received my very own copy of "Unbound press",along with a nice card from Amy,which I appreciate very much.
Charlie,Nicki,and Amy did a great job putting it together.If you haven't ordered one,stop reading this right now and do so! ;)

I got a buttload of comments on my last post.You guys rock the joint!
While I was reading them,I started thinking about how I was raised,which started me thinking about my dad,which reminded me of something an old friend of his said when I informed him of my dad's passing..."Oh,..I'm so sorry...I hope it wasn't anything serious!"...


I've thought about this,and decided it makes perfect sense.
I hope when my time comes,I die of something fun..


At 12:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're checkin in. Much better than checkin out.

At 4:25 AM , Blogger Grish said...


At 1:19 PM , Blogger CSL said...

That may be the funniest response to the news of someon's death that I'v ever heard.

I wish I had your restraint. Sometimes I think someone needs to smack me (but not in a corporal punishment type way) and make me not post so much.

At 2:26 PM , Blogger Meander said...

i just saw what citymouse wrote about you! you are a celebrity now!

At 3:17 PM , Blogger Amy said...

hey sling... glad you got your journal... woo hoo...

and... re: people... they say the stupidest things and don't even freaking realize it.

At 3:51 PM , Blogger Allan said...

Amy is right.

At 3:51 PM , Blogger ruby rocks said...

Sometimes happy, sometimes blue,
glad that I ran into you.
Tell the people that you saw me passing through.

we're all just passing through so it ain't worth worrying about.

At 6:38 PM , Blogger apositivepessimist said...

Yep. Exactly.

Fun and Spectacular!

To me that is something that an Old Friend is allowed to say and get away with not making it sound dismissive or mean. Personally, I loved it.

Yer know Sling, I really luvs you right, yer funny and a lovely bloke...but this three step comment section really messes with my patience bone. I've got something to say and I wanna say it NOW. Damn dial-up and designer of three gated commenting sections

Oooh lookout I'm finally in!

At 6:41 PM , Blogger Sling said...

evangelina-I start to suffer from mild withdrawel if I don't post something.
Maybe there's some sort of 12 step program..


CSL-I took it in the spirit in which it was given.
It's hard for people to know the right thing to say in these kind of situations.My first response is usually,"Am I in the will?"..

Hi Meander!-I was SO touched by CM's post!..I mean..I've been a celebrity before,just not for anything good.. ;)

amy-I'll have to say again,nice piece o' work!
I got a kick out of seeing so many friends in print,and found some new writers that I enjoyed as well.

allan-AND...she's easy on the eyes.. ;)

ruby ROKS!- In a hundred years,there'll be all new people.

At 6:47 PM , Blogger Sling said...

apos-Oops! you snuck a comment in while I was typing. :)
Thanx doll,..I luvs you right back!
Yeah,close friends are given a pass as needed.
Damm,sorry you gotta deal with the 3-step thing.It came with the template. :(

At 10:05 PM , Blogger apositivepessimist said...

yer bloody worth it ;)

I just have to learn the art of "patience grasshoppaaah"...wait fer one window to load before I click on the next one. It will come. ahhhhh.

At 10:53 PM , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

i have plans for my death..be in hospital and will keep faking death until when i finally do die the kids will be glad to see me go...

At 12:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post is the perfect example of why we should always write something when we have nothing to say.

And as far as your "passing," I just hope it's like 120-something years from now so that I don't have to deal with it.

At 12:57 AM , Blogger Babs said...

Did you say pass the joint?

At 6:23 AM , Blogger JessnBekahsmom said...

Thanks for the help you posted on Rosemary's blog. I printed it out and will give it a shot. I used to be so computer literate. Then I had kids. Five years out of the job market and I can't even put a link on a blog. Sad. Really sad. But, thanks again and I will be visiting again when I can read more. Have a good one! :-)

At 11:01 AM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Amy is always right.

At 11:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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