Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday Videos

I like this whole Friday Video concept.
These last several weeks,I've gone up and down in Bloggertown listening to music of assorted genres,and enjoying artists I might never have heard if it weren't for my fellow bloglodites.

Plus!..It's a fine excuse to post whatever-the-hell,cranky old bastard,who in their right minds listens to that?,type videos I see fit...The power is intoxicating.

This week,because I can..Folk Music!..Oh yes.
Hey!..This was all the rage in the 60's!
Pete Seeger,Bob Dylan,The Lettermen,..ummm,..and others that I can't remember right now.

..Sue me!..sheesh.

Not to be outdone by The Hat,and her mad video skillz,I produced this little gem in my basement,using only a Polaroid instamatic camera,and some string..

"For lovin' me"..



At 7:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 7:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The MacGyver of video production. Oy! That was funny. And fun!

At 8:28 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Love me some P, P and M. Remind me to tell you the story about the daughter of The Spouse's godfather who wrote a letter to these guys when she was a kid and how that blossomed into a friendship and how Paul sang at her wedding or some damn thing.

At 4:43 AM , Blogger the rube said...

friday night videos, could don kirshner's midnight special be reborn?

At 10:26 AM , Blogger Lex Lata said...


At 12:42 PM , Blogger Mom said...

My kind of music!

At 5:50 PM , Blogger Sling said...

Hat- Ahahaha!..That was funny wasn't it.
I crack myself up.

lorraine- Well,YEAH you gotta tell me that story!
That practically makes you related to them!

rube- ..or maybe even American Bandstand!..That would be cool.

lex- HELL YES!..These guys are the reason I learned to play guitar.
This was the best video I could find when Peter and Paul still had all their hair.

mom- Mine too hon. :)

At 6:46 PM , Blogger Nunnie's Attic said...

I hadn't heard this song before. I knew of Leaving on a Jet Plane (written by John Denver, trivia tid-bit for ya) and Puff, of course. Thanks for sharing!!

I was not meant for this time!


At 7:40 PM , Blogger Serena Joy said...

Boy, does that take me back. Those were the days...

At 9:51 PM , Blogger more cowbell said...

I love that music. I'm a sucker for harmonies, acoustic or a cappella.

At 8:36 AM , Blogger Kimberly Ann said...

Puff always makes me cry, even if it is about drugs.

At 9:09 AM , Anonymous tater said...

Mom and Dad had every Peter Paul & Mary album ever recorded, and as children, we listened to it incessantly. They also loved Pete Seeger, Joan Biaz, Woody Guthrie, and all those other folk stars we can't remember. This takes me way back! Thanks Sling. Can you believe that after listening to all that liberal music, my parents remained dyed in the wool Republicans? Defies all logic, I tell you.

At 1:06 PM , Blogger Sling said...

Julie- These guys were pretty prolific.I know you've heard their version of,"If I had a hammer",written by Pete Seeger...speaking of..Did you know Pete wrote,"Turn,turn,turn" made poular by The Byrds?..and that the lyrics for that song came from the book of Ecclesiastes(3:1)in the Bible?..Oh,how the trivia abounds!

serena joy- Weren't we all just a little bit more hopeful back then?..or is it just me?..

more cowbell- You and me both!..Speaking of a capella,I'm gonna see if I can't find some good Do Wop tunes for next time. :)

kimberly ann- Oh,it's not about drugs.It's the charming tale of a young boy who,in time,must put away childish things,leaving Puff to live out eternity in cold and empty to think of it,that makes me wanna smoke pot.

tater- I can't believe I left out Joan and Woodie!!..Thanks buddy!
Did you ever think that maybe your parents are like,secret Democrats,just waiting to strike at the cold heart of the Republican party?..maybe not..but that would be cool.

At 2:14 PM , Blogger Serena Joy said...

No, it's not just you. "Hope" was a viable concept you could almost touch back then. It was a good era. I miss it.:)

At 4:44 PM , Blogger Nunnie's Attic said...

I did know that Turn, Turn, Turn came from the bible. I did NOT however know that Pete wrote it. Thanks for that bit of trivia. I have a ton of useless information stored in my brain and that fits in so nicely! Need to know something about nothing - I'm your girl. Ask me what 2+2 is and I think the answer is 5.


At 5:16 PM , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

leaving on a jet plane..don't know when I'll be back again....I love peter paul and mary..but man...she got fatter then me in her old age..

At 6:09 PM , Blogger Sling said...

serena joy- I think about this a lot..
Is all that stuff we did in the 60's what brought us to this point,or did nobody pay attention?

Julie- Well,he didn't actually write the Bible part..just sayin'. ;)

Yellerdawg- This is why I chose this particular video of them.
I had a crush on Mary the size of by-gawd West Texas!

At 6:22 PM , Blogger Monica said...

i love them. if someone wanted to make a movie of my childhood, i would ask peter yarrow to compose the score.

At 6:35 PM , Blogger Sling said...

monica- We had the same childhood??
What are the odds? ;)

At 12:57 AM , Blogger Middle Child said...

Ah Sling... I really needed some nostalgia tonight... thank you sooo much. My older sister had this crew plastered all over her bedroom walls, and even though I was younger I loved to hear her playing them...such a lovely time and such lovely music.

At 5:58 AM , Blogger Sling said...

middle child- Times change,and I know that's as it should be.Still,I like to reach back into the last century from time to time for my own peace of mind.
Glad you enjoyed the tune MC.

At 2:30 PM , Blogger Serena Joy said...

serena joy- I think about this a lot..
Is all that stuff we did in the 60's what brought us to this point,or did nobody pay attention?

I think people paid attention. I don't know what happened after that. It's almost as though our children turned around and decided we needed more rules, more entitlement, a return to labels and stereotypes and mass consumerism, etc. I suppose it's a question a sociologist could have a field day with.

At 5:24 PM , Blogger booda baby said...

That was very pretty. The b/w was kind of a mind warping thing - I can NOT get rid of this hangover. I am not going to bore you with details of the warp, but isn't it funny how weirdly modern it looks? Modern retro? Or is that just me?

At 6:59 AM , Anonymous tater said...

Sling, being from the south, I believe my parents remember the old racist democratic party that fervently opposed civil rights, supported organizations like the Klan, and fully supported Jim Crow. They are old school Republicans, the party of Lincoln, of conservative economic policy, and believers in autonomy from oppressive government. They never made the paradigm shift that liberals took after 1969-1972 to become Democratic. This is how I explain it to myself anyway. They are social liberals, lost to a party that has morphed into a christianist, racist, elitist, bastion of idiocy.

At 5:51 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friday was a long time ago in blog years.

At 7:53 PM , Blogger CS said...

I hadn't heard this version, but I like it. Boy, weren't they so sincere, though? I have this song on a Gordon Lightfoot CD.

At 3:15 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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