Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Okay,this was a lot harder than I figured..

My good friend Kari over at Just livin' Large has tagged me to meme out some examples of "Why it's good to be me".

Normally I can crank out these kinds of things without much effort,but as I began thinking about it,it all just sounded like,"I can do this,and I've accomplished that,and aren't I just all that and a bag o' chips".
Things that have been blogworthy from time to time,but really make me want to click "Next Blog" if I have to look at them yet again.

BUT!..It is good to be me,dammit!..Pull up a chair,and I'll tell you why.

I really believe I have had the good fortune to live during the most amazing half-century since Archimedes invented the rubber ducky while lounging in the King's hot tub.

I think about this a lot,and it really has been a Forrest Gump kind of existence,historically speaking.
Remember Polio,and Smallpox?
I don't mean,have you heard of them.
These diseases were effectively conquered in my lifetime.Smallpox being the only human infectious disease ever to be eliminated from nature!

My children have never known a time when our moon was genuinely pristine,never having been trodden by adventurous humans.I remember holding my breath,knowing that the next few moments would change every.single.thing...Forever.

Bear with me..
  • The entire 60's,and all the socio-political upheaval that transpired,played out while I was trying desperately to cope with my own puberty.
  • There was no Berlin wall.Then there was.Then there wasn't!..Nothing lasts forever,I guess.
  • Beatnicks begat hippies,who begat Yuppies,who begat Disco..Hey,..I didn't say it was all rainbows and Unicorns.
  • Isn't "Pong" the coolest thing ever!!
I'm sure you all get my point.

Along the way,I have had singular opportunities to go to faraway places,have personal exchanges with both the famous and infamous,and be in the exact place and time when an historic event was unfolding.
And I still have,God willing,a few more years to rack up bonus points!
..You can't buy this in stores.

I'll bet it's good to be you too!..Play along if you wish.

EDIT:..Holy Crap!..I just realized that today is the anniversary of my Honorable Discharge from the U.S Army.
34 years ago today,then President Richard M. Nixon had one of his minions,(I'm guessin' Haldeman,..or maybe Erlichman),robo-sign my Release from Active Duty!...just sayin'.



At 9:51 PM , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

ahh yes, the good ole days...when drugs were pure and cheap...the 60's when negros became blacks and got the vote..women could do what they wanted with their body..
and didn't have to go to some drunken dr. in a dingy motel room to get it done..we have lived in great times my friend..and then bush came along and fucked it all up...ha

At 10:01 PM , Blogger Sling said...

yellowdog G.- "and then bush came along and fucked it all up"..

.."and you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone"..Melanie.

At 7:46 AM , Blogger billy pilgrim said...

plus you got to experience the golden age of rock and folk music. music seems to have regressed a wee bit recently.

so you got that going for you too.

At 8:48 AM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Ain't it the truth, Sling?

At 9:44 AM , Blogger Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

This is every bit as great a list as I expected you would make! Only you could condense so much history into so few words and still convey so much intensity. And wow - having Tricky Dick's robo-signature on your discharge papers...THAT'S something to stir conversation! Did those papers come with an all-expense-paid free weekend at the Watergate? Is a recounting of your escapades during that all-expense-paid weekend what's ACTUALLY on the missing 18 1/2 minutes of Watergate tapes? Not that I'm implying 18 1/2 minutes is enough for a true Sling Escapade. No sir. That's not what I said. I'm just asking if you have any personal knowledge of one of our country's greatest debacles. Seeing as how you were singled out with a personal set of papers sort of signed by the Ringmaster himself (or one of his minions, whichever the case may be).

Okay. Done kidding. It's great that you have such a wonderful understanding of all that's happened during our lifetimes. I always wonder if people from a hundred years ago thought the same thing...that the time they were living in was the MOST amazing. Probably. Makes you wonder what the future holds for our kids and their kids. (These thoughts are way too deep for me to contemplate this early in the day...better get back to watching Price is Right before my brain bursts).

At 10:13 AM , Blogger Kimberly Ann said...

I would have made a great hippy. Oh well. Nice to learn a bit more about Sling.

At 11:17 AM , Blogger more cowbell said...

Ah, I raise my glass to the anniversary of your ETS. Hooah!

My mom was a hippie in those times. Then she went right. Or wrong ...

At 1:10 PM , Blogger sageweb said...

See you are the type of guy that should be writing the history books. Yellow Dog Grannie could do the side notes. This is the stuff I love to read about. Could you imagine how much more kids would learn.

At 1:53 PM , Blogger Doralong said...

I fully expect you to keep racking up bonus points for a very, very long time my friend.

At 3:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All that stuff, and you're still the youngest person I know. It boggles the mind.

At 3:42 PM , Blogger rosemary said...

See? I bet we met at a love in at Griffith Park....I was the older chick in the white off the shoulder peasant blouse and broom skirt and earth shoes....and had frizzy hair. Remember?

At 6:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

(stupid hippies...damn damn damn)

At 7:34 PM , Blogger Sling said...

billy P.- if by "regressed" you mean having gone from stirring melodies and lyrics,to basically crap on a thunder stick,then yes.

lorraine- Seen it with me own two eyes kid!

kari- I don't have any realpersonalknowledge of the Watergate break-in,as I was playing snooker with Guido in Kansas City at the time,..ask anybody.

kimberly ann- Stick around!
All us ex-Hippies are planning a coup,just as soon as Jerry Garcia shows up with our stash.

more cowbell- Seriously,I didn't realize it was the 22nd until I posted this.
I've celebrated my ETS every year...
I was a less than sterling soldier.

sageweb- Look for my new book,"Macrame,The Devil's knot" coming to a bargain bin near you!

doralong- Given my lifestyle,and taking into account certain genetic predispositions,I expect to be around for a good 20-25 more years.
Unless I give up all my vices today,then I don't figure I'll make it past Spring.

JP- Dude,I swear I've lived at least 3 lifetimes,and I still don't know what I wanna be when I grow up.

rosemary- Now I have to tell you a story.
I was at the Griffith Park Observatory in 1976 when,as part of the Bi-Centennial festivities,I signed a guestbook that was to be put in a time capsule,and not to be retrieved until 2076...I wrote,"It was nice to have the chance to hang around"..
There were a lot of people there that day and...WAIT A MINUTE!...That was YOU??..Last time I saw you was when you were boarding the train to Bakersfield with our little be-hatted love child!!

Hat- I don't think so Sunshine.
Rosie and I sold our lovechild to some Mormon Gypsies.

At 10:01 AM , Blogger Mom said...

You and George Bailey have both lived a wonderful life. Thanks for sharing some of it with the rest of us.

At 10:39 AM , Blogger Nunnie's Attic said...

What a Wonderful World!

At 7:23 PM , Blogger booda baby said...

Dammit. That's the down side of blogs. We get the Readers' Digest version. I would soooo love a lot more elaboration. You've obviously had an excellent life to turn into you and your cat-ass tatoo.

At 12:24 AM , Blogger Middle Child said...

WE lived and grew up in amazing times Sling... I see your Melanie Quote ..."you don't know what its got till its gone" She was one or was my favourite... I loved mmelanie's "There's a chance peace will come" and others tried to post them but still pig ignorant re posting you tubes etc

At 2:04 PM , Blogger CS said...

I think this is such a good exercise - it makes you aware that of course it's good to be you.

At 7:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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