Friday, November 24, 2006

Please help settle an argument...

The holiday festivities were tragically interrupted when I suggested during the dessert portion of our program...suggested mind you...that cheesecake was in fact,pie.
I mean,..It looks like pie and acts like pie,and comes in those handy Sara Lee boxes like those handy Sara Lee pies fer Chrissake!..BUT...

The Lizzard King,(who had a little too much "holiday spirit" if you know what I mean),insisted...insisted mind you... that it must be cake because,..and here's his logic,.."They couldn't legally call it cheesecake if it wasn't cake!"..

Are you kidding me??

So the whole thing degenerated into a huge and boisterous argument with cheesepie ending up stuck to the walls and ceiling and the cops,"letting us off with a warning this time!"...

Any opinions you may have would be appreciated...Is it cake,or pie?..
...or pudding?....damm..


At 4:33 AM , Blogger SkippyMom said...

TOO FUNNY - my 2 cents - if it is in a pie plate with a pie crust curved at the is a pie. [but the only cheesecake "pie" I ever had was I digress]

If it was, in fact, made in a springform pan with the "crust" on the bottom - than it is a cheesecake.

curved sides = pie
straight up/newyork looking/springfoam pan=cake

like i said, my 2 cents and ain't worth

At 5:22 AM , Blogger barista brat said...

haha, you now have me scratching my head and asking "pie or cake?"

p.s. - i think skippymom is my new go-to-gal for baking/cooking questions :)

At 5:59 AM , Blogger Legal Alien said...

Cheesecake actually goes by different names in different parts of the country. In New Mexico, it's "Tarta del Diablo." Virginians call it "Macaca." In Wisconsin we just call it "Breakfast."

At 8:58 AM , Blogger charlie said...

I'd call it puddin' and eat it instead of throwing it.

At 9:50 AM , Blogger Allan said...

If it's round and comes in a cardboard box it must be Pizza.
For further proof, try microwaving the so-called "cheesecake"- it will be ruined and everyone knows micros ruin pizza-hence,CC must be Pizza.
Logical, no?

At 10:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me know when y'all resolve this, because I have a question about what food group eggs belong to.

At 10:26 AM , Blogger Sling said...

skippymom-I don't know what a springform pan is.
you will receive your 2 cent recompense in the mail sooner or later,..sometime,..eventually..
Thanx for stopping by! :)

B.Brat-It's a mystery,wrapped in a riddle,inside a conundrum..and really hard to scrape off the ceiling.

Legal A.-"The Devil's tart?"..that would be my ex-wife. ;)

charlie-Now see,.that would be the proper British custom.
We do things a little different over here in the New World.

allan-Pizza PIE!..Right?...I'm right aren't I? :)

JP-That's easy,they belong to the "Fried" group..or scrambled?...shit.

At 2:14 PM , Blogger ruby rocks said...

i'd never argue with anyone having the same nickname as jim morrison.

cake it is.

At 2:27 PM , Blogger Sling said...

ruby rocks-Hmmm...Point well made.
I may have to rethink my position

At 2:37 PM , Blogger Dan said...

I wish I had been there. While you dudes were arguing over what to call it, I would have dashed off with both of your portions and consumed them in some nice quite corner ... in utter bliss. Tastes great no matter what its label. ;)

At 3:11 PM , Blogger Sling said...

dan-lol..Sorry buddy,but no one was able to escape the carnage that was,"The great cheesecake battle of ought-six"..

At 10:23 PM , Blogger Grish said...

Umm, I vote pie.

It's made like pie, it has a crust like pie, it cuts like pie and it takes like a cheescake pie. Just my 2 cents :P

At 9:37 AM , Blogger HORIZON said...

In my humble opinion dear Sling, it is neither a cake or pie. Cheesecake is a savoury pudding. You get sweet and savoury puddings and in this case it is the latter. lol- love this debate though- wonderful! :) Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? What came first, the chicken or the egg? Oh God, l need a drink- actually l have already had one ;)
l agree with Charlie.

At 11:08 AM , Blogger Sling said...

UPDATE: I looked it up on Wikipedia,and those clever kids across the pond,charlie and horizon,are correct!.It's pudding...or custard..:p

At 1:05 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Damn that Wiki...I was just going to say that it would be safe to call it pudding because all post-prandial sweets are puddings in the UK and thusly inspired regions and now you've gone and solved it without me so poo and I'll just quote Pink Floyd:

"If you don't eat your meat you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"

At 1:20 PM , Blogger Sling said...

lorraine-Sorry I jumped in too quick kid.You do get Bonus points for quoting Pink Floyd however! :)..Now I have to go find out what "post-prandial" means...

At 8:51 PM , Blogger Babs said...

I just go for the pumpkin pie. And the pecan pie and the chocolate peanut butter pie. Damn, we had a lot of pies.

At 9:50 PM , Blogger Sling said...

babs-o-babs- ..not to mention some after-turkey-day Dad Burgers!.. ;)

At 11:41 PM , Blogger Middle Child said...

Unbelievable...tell him that all he is to do is to get a spoon or fork and eat the bloody stuff... and leave the rest up to you...

if he had any sense what so ever he'd do that...

At 2:58 PM , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

pie are round cornbread are square

At 2:58 PM , Blogger yellowdog granny said...'s pie..

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