Thursday, June 19, 2008

China Lung Ching Green Tea costs $9.99 a pound

..look it up.
I'll wait.

Each and every groggy morn,I set about the same routine.
My alarm is set for 5:21 am,so that I might hit the snooze alarm,and gain that precious extra 9 minutes before rising at precisely 5:thirty-something depends.

  • Fire up the computron
  • Turn on the TV,already set to the morning news
  • Nuke myself a cup of coffee,left over from the day before
  • Go out on the front porch for a morning cigarette
By the time I'm done with my smoke,the coffee is piping hot,bitterly delicious,and young Ashley of the blonde persuasion is chirping merrily over the
bountiful bowl of pablum she's about to serve up,thinly disguised as 'news'.

I told you that story,so I could tell you this one.

I really look forward to the,'Today's Birthdays' segment.
Not that I give a particular damm about which celebrity is celebrating her 46th birthday today,even though Paula still cleans up pretty good when she's not stumblin' around drunk down on the farm,..Oh no.
I just have a thing about marking time,and I was reminded this day of a couple of fortuitous anniversaries of my own.

Not only is tomorrow the first day of Summer,but it also marks the third anniversary of my employment with K's Kustom Kabs!
If you've wandered into my corner of the blogosphere for any length of time,you know how this has proven to be a red-letter day in my life.
Plus!!...I get a buck an hour there's that.

On an equally joyous,albeit somewhat nefarious note,three days hence marks the fourth anniversary of my release from the San Luis Valley Community Corrections facility.
I was the adamantly reluctant guest of that fine establishment for three years,(plus ten days,..on account of that thing I did that time),so I figure staying out,and doin' the whole law abiding citizen thing for four years pretty much wipes the slate clean!

What does any of this have to do with the price of tea in China??
..not a damned thing.

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At 7:52 PM , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

I love you!

At 7:55 PM , Blogger Sling said...

Big yeller dawg- I love you too doll!

At 11:00 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

I love you more.

At 3:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Add me to the list.

(Although I had to run over an re-check the cabinetry site to make sure your company wasn't really spelling all the words with a K. I have a conspiracy-type theoay about places like Kit's Korner Kitchen and Klan involvment.)

At 4:58 AM , Blogger Doralong said...

Congrats buddy!! Living proof that good guys do sometimes come out on top!

At 6:25 AM , Blogger cs said...

Fabulous!! Absolutely spectacular you are and a hardy congratulations.

I say you all come on up here and we will barn-storm Ro and have ourselves quite a time....use up that wonderful raise you most assuredly were long over do!

Hugs and start planning your trip!

At 6:59 AM , Blogger LostInCO said...

aaaww Sling.

At 7:05 AM , Blogger Willym said...

okay now I mean this in an entirely non-sexual* way - given that response to the Hollywood men video - love you buddy and all that you've accomplished.

*of course that means I will have to forgo the toaster oven they give for converting a str8 guy!!!

At 7:52 AM , Blogger booda baby said...

I loved how you wrapped that all up!

And I also think this line is Flann O'Brien/Tibor Fischer EXCELLENT: I was the adamantly reluctant guest of that fine establishment...

Better than that, they do not get.

I was under the impression that the three years was slate clean wiping time. How come you got such dirty slate? That's a long time.

At 8:30 AM , Blogger billy pilgrim said...

i set my alarm for 4:30. the early bird gets the cans.

glad to see you're not a recidivist. ( my current second favorite word behind ad-infinitum.)

At 3:18 PM , Blogger rosemary said...

WELL....congrats and all that gushy stuff. SLVCC.....hum, even the initials look bad.

At 8:44 PM , Blogger Sling said...

Rainey- Gee..If I knew I was gonna get all this love for bein' an honest ctizen,I'da done it a long time ago!..
..maybe not.

citizen- Mr. K would have no truck with the unfortunate alliteration,believe me.

doralong- ..and every once in a while,an old incorrigible gets a break as well.

CS- Trust me,Idaho is on my life list of states to visit..never been.

lostinco- :)

willym- Toaster oven!..HA!..I just knew it.
This explains everything!

booda babe- Sometimes,I accidentally turn a good phrase. :)
Now let's do the math..
The three years incarceration are what you do because,you know,they make you.
The way I reckon time is that you have to do that yet again on the outside,to make up for lost time,and then add a year to eliminate the moral debt.
Me and the Lord are square.
Now I'm workin' on bonus points.

Billy P.- 4:30??..No wonder I can't ever find any decent cans on my way to work.

Rosie- I swear,I get the same sense when I see those initials!..
Now I have to tell you a story.
Community corrections facilities are privately owned and operated.
The 'clients' pay rent,(over $400.00 a month to live in an 8 man room),and the entire time you are required to turn all the money you earn over to them to 'safeguard' in their bank account.
altough,you are allowed to put any money in excess of fees into your own savings,which are turned over to you when you get released..sans interest.

Guess who,at least in the State of Colorado,are the primary owners of these facilities?..
County Judges.
Gee,aren't they the self same ones that sentence you to C.C. to begin with?
It's like that.

At 10:34 PM , Blogger Mom said...

I think the Ks are pretty happy to have you on their staff too. You are a talented and likable guy.
that other place does not sound like a nice place.
$9.99 per pound is entirely too much for tea!

At 2:26 PM , Blogger rosemary said...

Why, sling do you think there are crooked Judges????? Do you think they make money off the system? Hum, are so's like that.

At 3:46 PM , Blogger sageweb said...

Oh I love your writing soo much. I love that I now know what you look like in a shirt. In color!

Congrats on your time spent and time served. You do good..

At 12:35 PM , Blogger Sling said...

mom- Mr K. once told me,'As long as I have a business,you have a job...Unless you piss me off.'..Seems like a fair arrangement to me! :)

Rosie- In truth,It's a legitimate business,and once you are sentenced to C.C,you are allowed to pick which facility you go to.
I was offered a choice of 5 different cities across Colorado.
My Judge was not affiliated with Alamosa.I chose that one because it was the only one where I didn't have any 'connections'.

Sage- Thanks doll!..
Hat took some nice pix,but in real life,I have more hair. ;)

At 3:00 PM , Blogger Middle Child said...

Congratulations - I spent a night in Central Police Station (Sydney) when i was 18 - next to a large black lady with no pupils who had blood all over her clothes, because she didn't like men much especially when she had a knife - - so I kept very very very quiet and let her sleep where she wanted - prayed for her to sleep - which she didn't seem able to do...

so you have my admiration for the rite of passage

Unsure how I'd have handled another night even...

As to the job you have - things do happen for a reason, but you know that anyway.

At 7:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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