Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guest Blogger Jess and Tons O' Pix!

Four Glorious Days!..
Of MY LIFE outside of the norm.
I mean,it's not everyday that you get attacked by a giant slug,who then sends in his ant buddies to finish off the job by having my toes for a mid morning snack.

The joys of watching the kids run amok, drinking beer, and napping every single day have been the most pleasurable.

Hilarious conversations with Dad that are far too amusing to keep to ourselves, however I must plead the 5th.
Fond memories of quality family time that means so much,but doesn't happen enough.

My Dad is amazing,and may be the only single person on this planet that can truly appreciate my sense of humor,and that is only because I am exactly like him in so many ways.

I am convinced that he inherited his oddball personality and fabulous looks from me.
It has been a blast,and a refreshing change of pace.

Time to go home, but I pack in my bag memories to last a life time.
I haven't brought those home in four years,but now they are with me forever.
Thank you Dad.

I love you.

..I love you too baby!

..She's right you know.
I mean,about the doesn't happen enough part.
Still,..better to embrace the moments and cast the memories in bronze,than to dwell on the vexations of time,and distance.

Yep..Erin and Lizzard King hatched a brilliant plan,whereby Erin will spend two more weeks with us,and then LK,Little Newt,Erin and myself will drive her down to SoCal,and spend a few days at Darling Daughter's.
Is this the best Summer,or what!..
In the meantime,and without further adieu,some precious moments of our time together right here in O-Town..

Wood Nymphs..

Tyler Anne kicking Lizzard King's butt at Guitar Hero!..

Jack loves his big sister..

Mom-O and Jessica,clearly up to no good..

Erin,Uncle Lizzard King,and Tyler avoiding having their picture taken..

Jesus dad!..Take the picture already..

..It's Tuesday,my immortality is assured,and as you may have already surmised,.. life is good in Sling's Domain.



At 12:42 PM , Blogger Doralong said...

Life is indeed good in your world my friend. That's one fine looking family you have there, enjoy your time together!

At 2:20 PM , Blogger Mom said...

Just wonderful!

At 2:47 PM , Blogger jan said...

You should take a bow for producing such a lovely and loving family.

Er...the KIDS didn't drink beer, did they? That sentence was ambiguous.

At 3:11 PM , Blogger YELLOWDOG GRANNY said...

oh my...she's beautiful..and smart..everyone is just having the best of times...i got a little teary looking at all those happy faces...

At 3:58 PM , Blogger Willym said...

My smile got bigger and bigger as I read and scrolled down. And that my dear friend is what family values really are! So happy you are having a great summer with your loved and loving ones.

At 12:08 AM , Blogger Sling said...

Doralong- See!..I wanted to say how gorgeous they are,but I thought I couldn't be objective.
Thanks for your unbiased opinion. ;)

Mom- It's a wonderful life!

Jan- The kids don't drink beer!
..during the day..
It's more of a bedtime snack.

Yellerdawg- ALL those things you just said.. :)

Willym- I number them among those things that money can't buy.

At 6:56 AM , Blogger secret agent woman said...

I'm tickled for you that life is good in your domain!

At 10:34 AM , Blogger sageweb said...

Very gorgeous daughter!
You are so fortunate!
If you are coming my way I atleast want 15 minutes with you!

At 12:13 PM , Blogger Random Thinker said...

Great pics. Nothing quite like a long visit with those nearest and dearest to your heart. And another pending visit right around the corner. Life IS good in Sling's domain.

At 4:41 PM , Blogger cs said...

woweee---these are great Sling-man. I can see your happiness just busting out all around you. Your family is precious. I have enjoyed these pix friend--thanks for sharing--now I want to go look some more....yeahhhh

At 4:42 PM , Blogger Allan said...

Good times and great pics!

At 7:16 PM , Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you! *smiles*

At 9:48 AM , Blogger billy pilgrim said...

it looks like you were put on this earth to bask and float.

At 6:13 PM , Blogger apositivepessimist said...

aw MisterSlingy...very nice indeed.

:) :)

At 4:11 PM , Blogger Middle Child said...

Alls fine in Sling's world and by the look of those young uns its fine in theirs as well...Your daughter has your nose Sling... and a "foine" nose it is as well. Its odd to see such lazy summer days as we are in the coldest part of winter here.

This was a lovely post to read...when family is good and there is love its a real treasure.

At 1:21 PM , Blogger Lorraine said...

Just fantastic.


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