Saturday, July 11, 2009

Magic Dick Blows..

..the sweetest blues harp you're apt to hear anywhere!

Yes,..the title of this post was a cheap shot at garnering some extra hits.
..Like you've never done that!
Can we please just move on?..Thank you.

Anyblogwhore, my ever continuing effort to bring you,what I think,is the best of the best when it comes to pure musicianship sans vocals,I'm pleased to offer up the Harmonic stylings of Mr. Richard Salwitz,..stage name, 'Magic Dick'..

He was an original member of The J.Geils(Blues)Band back in the late 60's and 70's,when I thought they did their very best stuff.
They shifted from Blues/Rock to Pop/Rock in the 80's,..and while 'Centerfold' was enjoyable enough,they pretty much lost me as an avid fan.
..I'm sure they're losing buttloads of sleep over that!

'Whammer Jammer'



At 12:44 PM , Blogger jan said...

I have a friend named Dick and another named Gay. How times change.

Nice selection,

At 12:52 PM , Blogger Random Thinker said...

J Geils originated in Boston but they considered us their second hometown because they had such a huge fan base in Detroit. They broke up not long after they made it "big".

At 1:34 PM , Blogger Willym said...

You are always introducing me to great new things - loved it. Man can he blow!

At 2:11 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Magic Dick blows me


At 5:28 PM , Blogger Sling said...

Jan- Remember back in the day there used to be a diet candy called 'Ayds'?..
How's that for poor product identification.

Thinker- I gues the breakup was amicable,because they get together from time to time.

Willym- Glad you liked it my friend!

JP- I knew I could count on you! :)

At 6:35 PM , Blogger YELLOWDOG GRANNY said...

i used to have a magic dick, but now i just refer to him as dealy beloved..

At 8:23 AM , Blogger booda baby said...

cheap cheap cheap cheap. (Did it work?)

That was a nice clip, thank you very much. Someone's got to remind us of all the gold that was spun before musicians figured out that pop was where the money was. I feel the same way about Bonnie Raitt.

At 9:45 AM , Blogger billy pilgrim said...

i remember magic dick. whammer jammer and first i look at the purse were anthems to us.

brownie mcghee and his pal sonny can really bring the old harp to life.

At 12:03 PM , Blogger Sling said...

Yellerdawg- I wouldn't call my dick magic,but I do find it most entertaining.

Booda Babe- So far,it hasn't worked for beans(too subtle maybe?)..
I was all like,'What the hell is goin' on here?'
I'm just glad I was able to see J.Geils in concert,before the swirch.

Billy P.- That's what I'm talkin' about right there!
I must've worn out a dozen needles on the old Victrola playing their first album.
Now I'm off to find me some Brownie McGhee..Thanks for the tip. :)

At 6:29 PM , Blogger secret agent woman said...

Now that I'm non-googlable, I get no hit boost from funky phrases. sigh

At 9:32 AM , Blogger Allan said...

Awesome, someone else who remembers the real J.Geils! By the time I heard him, his best stuff was already old...but timeless.

Dude, if you want to get cheap hits and mongo traffic, talk to me and I'll tell ya how,free!

Google this phrase( uncensored)-
the most f*cked up thing on the web- if ya don't believe me.

At 10:16 AM , Blogger sageweb said...

MAgic Dick isnt working for me...story of my life.

At 8:43 PM , Blogger Sling said...

Secret Agent Woman- The life of an undercover blogger is a thankless one.

Allan- It's not that I have anything against pop music,I was just a little disppointed that they chose to go from fairly unique,to kinda generic.
..Hey!..I googled the most f*cked up thing on the web,and you're #1 !!..I'm jealous.

Sage- I'll see if I can find a good tune by 'Enchanted Pussy'..

At 9:27 PM , Blogger austexgrl said...


At 10:02 AM , Blogger Bad Alice said...

Well, hot dang, that's some great music. And everyone whores when they can. It must help. You wouldn't believe the people who wash up on my shore via some thoughtless bit of writing - and it wasn't even deliberate on my part. Who would have thought there was so much interest in an angel and human POTENTIALLY having sex. I talk loving nonsense to my stat counter every day.

At 10:32 AM , Blogger Sling said...

austexgrl- Hiya Doll! ;)

Bad Alice- Count me among those that think having sex with an Angel could be most interesting! :)

At 8:06 PM , Blogger YELLOWDOG GRANNY said...

I used to have a magic dick but I lost it in the divorce.

I have a million of these..


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