Friday, May 18, 2007

(insert clever and insightful post here)

Okay,I lied...I got squat.BUT!..I'm driven by forces beyond my control (Jack Daniels)to blog,so I thought I'd bring us up-to-date on life in Sling's Domain.

First off,my son's lady has suffered a miscarriage.Please don't be concerned.Everyone is fine,and I'm sure he'll do his best to, know,.tap that fertile ground as it were.

The Lizzard King's acquisition of the local billiards parlor has hit a snag or two,but he's not out of the running just yet.Negotiations are still lively at this point.

Work on our shop's website is progressing nicely.We need to add some pictures to our photo album,and get some relevent text up on the home page to give the visitor some more detailed information about what it is that we are all about.The K's are well pleased thus far,but more importantly,I'M having fun!

Speaking of fun,I entered a contest by way of Danielle to try and get me some free swag.It's a Tofu Haiku poetry contest.Here is my submission:

Cast Iron skillet
Tofu and Olive oil
Add chopped Bell Pepper...

The sponsors of the competition have e-mailed me a request to stop annoying them.

****Stuff I Might Do This Weekend****

The Lizzard King and I might go to a concert in a town I've never been to,featuring bands I've never heard of...Should be fun!..and then there's pix and all..

Odds are,if your reading this,I'll be paying you a drunken visit sooner or later.So you have THAT to look forward to!...Peace out.

EDIT:..Oh,..I forgot to mention how much Blogger thoroughly sux!
My "Comments" have suddenly disappeared,and I see that blogger has "improved" as of the publishing of this post...Hopefully the pencil necked geeks in charge will straighten it all out.


At 8:13 PM , Blogger Sling said...

The vivacious and ingenious Gina has helped me get my comments up and running!..Thanx kid! :)

At 7:35 AM , Blogger the rube said...

classy freddie blassie, i remember him well.

nice poem, is there nothing a little olive oil can't do?

At 8:42 AM , Blogger Danielle said...

Thanks for alerting me to comments on me own blog. My relationship with blogger is a love hate one for sure but I've tried the alternatives and gonna stick to the devil I know.

I too had a miscarriage before my hub "tapped my fertile ground" with my three rats so my advice for your son and his lady to keep on trying, if it is meant to be it will be.

The prizes for the contest are so tofuey but I still want to win something and hope you do too.

I'm gonna check out the improvements on the cabinet site.

Have a great weekend!!!!!

At 3:51 PM , Blogger Wizened Wizard said...

Loved the tofu haiku. Sylables, schmilables. Soy, veh. Who's counting?

At 4:51 PM , Blogger rosemary said...

GINA is the GURU of fixing all things screwed up by blogger!!!!

Tofu Haiku,'re pretty good with slingin those chunks of tastless cubes that are currently keeping me alive and functioning.

Have a drink for me and enjoy the concert of whoevertheyare.

At 5:28 PM , Blogger Sling said...

The rube- Olive oil=Nectar of the gods

Danielle-the kids are gonna be just fine I'm sure.
I'm pretty sure that there aren't going to be any tofu accolades in my near future. :)

Wizened Wizard-I was hoping I could slide "oil" by as two syllables. ;)

rosemary-Gina was on the job right away!
It's nice to have our own Guru ain't it..

At 1:32 PM , Blogger gina said...

I am happy to have been able to assist my fellow bloggers in their time of need. Anytime you need my help, just email me, but keep in mind, I'm not usually around on weekends.

At 5:19 PM , Blogger CS said...

I have had the same comment problem, and I've had to resort to checking the "allow comments" box for each post. Is there a way to make that the default again?

At 9:14 PM , Blogger yellowdog granny said...

haiku? isn't that how you say thank you if you have a speech impediment?....
yup..blogger is starting to suck big time..that spacing crap is driving me nuts...and it 'saves' each a you's saving..and freezing and spacing...judas priest..


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